Increasingly designers, home owners and builders are realizing the flexibility and design options of working with concrete to enhance the general ambiance of the surroundings by installing coloured, stained and stamped concrete.This provides a quality decorative and long lasting finish to many applications from shops,paitios,walkways and pool surroudings.
To produce a quality finish to basements, podiums and car parks etc that requires to be coated it is essential to ensure that the concrete is finished within acceptable tolerances. Coatings and screeds will follow the line and level of the offered concrete surface.
Installation of acoustic thermal cladding systems cuts down outside noise and effectively keeps the internal building cool and therefore saves on power for A/C cooling. Internal Acoustic Ceiling systems reduces noise levels and the acoustics of the building are not distorted.
In harsh environments it is often necessary to repair concrete structures to ensure the safety of such structures, this is achieved by high flowing micro repair concretes of resin based products that are designed for different applications. It is important to get expert technical advice when specifying and using structural repair product.
To extend the life of large concrete slabs areas joints sealants must perform correctly. Precise selection and application will limit infiltration of surface water and incompressible materials.
For these types of systems it is important to ensure that the offered concrete substrate is sound and free from spilling etc & finished to acceptable tolerance levels. The appearance of the complete floor coating system will depend heavily on the line and level of the offered surface. The most important aspect of any coating system is the preparation, this is achieved by the use of captivated steel shot blasting.
In extreme cases where power is an issue acid etching can be used with caution. Flooring systems range from thin film systems of 300 microns up to 5000 microns and can be resinous,cementitous, slow curing and fast curing.Unimag operatives are familiar with all aspects of good preparation and application.
Due to the exposure of concrete structures to extreme climatic conditions,it is essential that these structures are protected with an anti carbonation coating systems along with a penetrating primer. UNIMAG TECHNICAL LLC has successfully coated in excess of 3 million square meters of such structures throughout the U.A.E.
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